Group Headshots | Team members

True hassle-free business photography.

Do you have a large team to photograph in a single session? Are you looking for professional quality images that capture the personalities of each individual?

Let us bring our studio strobes and backdrops to your place of business so you can get the right look for your team. You won’t have to worry about compromising on quality or convenience.

It’s always better to plan your groups shoot in advance, it will give your team members enough time to prepare, plus you will have enough time to decide on the final look for the photos.

Consistency and quality
We’ll make sure your photos are consistent with the quality you want and deserve, best representing your company.

Availability And Flexibility
We can photograph at your office, expo hall, meeting space, or our studio – any number of people.

Employee group shot in the shape of the company logo.
Employees as Logo aerial video and photography JHF Company

We understand how important a good portrait or headshot is to the success of your company’s goals and objectives. That is why our professional photographers pay extra attention to details such as facial expressions and lighting. Whether it’s just one subject or large groups, our aim is always to make you look amazing! To ensure that every photo looks its best, we offer a variety of packages with an assortment of studio strobes and backdrops that we can bring to your place of business for multiples and groups of headshots.

Studio strobes produce more consistent, controllable and higher quality light than diffused natural light. Studio strobes also allow for a faster shutter speed resulting in sharper images with less motion blur. Additionally, these custom lighting solutions allow the photographer to better control the shadows on the subject’s face for a more flattering, professional looking result.

Our selection of backdrops includes both standard muslin fabrics as well as controllable wash lights for targeted color options. Backdrop fabrics are available in several colors allowing you to choose the right tones that best match your brand identity or purpose of the headshots. As an added bonus, free image retouching services are available so that every subject looks their best in photographs taken against our stunning backdrop fabrics.

Whatever your needs may be, our team is here to guarantee you get the high-quality results you deserve with our expert lighting techniques and newest equipment on hand!

When setting up the strobes and backdrop, we have a few steps that need to be followed to ensure the best quality photos.

First, we will decide on the desired location to place both the strobes and backdrops. If desired, this area can be pre-cleared of existing items. We will then set up a white photo backdrop and put in place two studio strobe lights.

If you would like to use pre-fabricated backgrounds instead of white backdrops, or if you want to use a mix of different color backdrops, we can easily adjust accordingly. Additionally, if requested in advance we can also bring additional light sources for more creative looks such as continuous lighting (Tungsten bulbs).

Our experienced technicians are able to accurately adjust the light output from our lights and fire it in whatever direction is required by your specific headshot setup. Finally, when everything has been properly aligned, tested and configured for optimal results we’ll make any minor tweaks needed for perfect exposure control.

When it comes to our editing and retouching service, we take extra care to ensure the best results. After shooting your images, our team of experienced graphic designers will spend time perfecting each image according to your brief. Our team specializes in a range of editing techniques, from basic enhancements such as color corrections and contrast adjustments to more detailed work like skin smoothing, blemish removal and clothing retouching.

If you are looking for continued support beyond the session, we can offer on-going retouch services and fast turnaround time with the completion of the images within 3-5 days after the photo shoot has taken place. Furthermore, if needed we can arrange additional proofs or multiple rounds of changes depending on your individual requirements.

Our talented team of experienced photographers specialize in corporate headshots and dynamic group photos; perfect for press releases, employee recognition and promotional materials.  Since 1982 we’ve been working with photographing commercial clients in various industries, we can help reframe your brand with eye-catching images.

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