Business Portraits and Headshots

Formal business portrait
Formal business portrait

What type of photo do you want?
The thing that is first decide is what type of photo you want. There are various styles of business headshots, each with its advantages that are own disadvantages. Here are some of the most popular styles: – Casual: Many people will want to go for a more approach that is casual with a shot that might include you standing in a smart-casual outfit and nothing too formal. – Formal: Alternatively, some people will want a formal headshot in a suit and tie—you might even want to get a portrait in a full business suit if you’re targeting high-level executives or are in a business where you have to dress a lot up. – Business casual: You can also get a business headshot that is casual which has a semi-formal look with a blazer and some nice pants. – Professionally tailored outfits: you can get your photo taken while wearing a suit that’s tailored and specially made for you if you want a really high-end look.

Casual headshot
Casual headshot

Let’s face it: A headshot isn’t a selfie. In the business world, a professional photo of you that’s used for networking or appearing on company websites is essential. The right headshot can open doors, set you apart from other job seekers and even impact your future earnings. In a recent survey by the Association of Image Consultants, 90 percent of hiring managers said that candidates with up-to-date professional photos are highly likely to be considered for employment. According to the same survey, 66 percent of workers said images have a direct impact on their potential for career growth.

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Headshots done on location at your office or event or in the privacy of our studio. We are conveniently located off I-270 and Tesson Ferry.

Business Portraits for Business Professionals

The next time you’re planning an executive business portrait for a company or profession, we will help you.

You’ll want photos of yourself or your people that reflect the success.

We’ll make you look great!

st louis business portraits

One of our customers, for example, is an national firm which has been with us for over 25 years with 3 different administrators. Whenever they need a business portrait, we solve it.

When you need special scheduling or if you lose an image from two years ago, we can help.

We’ll give you plenty of photos to select from for your professional portrait and we will calibrate and retouch if needed. We will upload the images and send you a link.

st louis business portraits

We will help you look successful, at the top of your game, a leader in your field.

Mike Haller has been supplying corporate clients with quality photographic services since 1982.

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We avoid the traditional stuffy harsh posed executive portraits, and we make our clients feel at ease and look their best. Our professional portraits have been featured in many business magazines, web sites and newspaper articles.


St. Louis is a company town, and the industry is, well, people. In our work making corporate brochures and annual reports, we are often called upon to make headshots.


These days, we shoot digitally, so you can proof the photography right out of the camera, making sure that you look the way you want to look.

Whether it’s color or black and white, in our studio or at your location, we make headshots work for business.


If you are a company or a business executive, you will always need professional executive portraits for:

  • company financial reports
  • newspaper articles
  • magazine articles
  • web sites
  • general publicity
  • office entrance halls and walls
  • to have on file those urgent needs that always require executive portraits at a moments notice.

What to Expect During a Studio Headshot Session

Clients visiting our studio for a professional headshot session can expect an efficient and relaxed experience. Our experienced team of photographers and support staff will help you create the perfect portrait in our spacious and inspiring environment.

Before the photo shoot, one of the photographers will discuss your needs, suggest poses, and help you choose the best wardrobe. Ask any questions you have before the session starts.

Our photography team knows how to capture natural poses and expressions that exude confidence. Hair styling and makeup can enhance natural beauty for stunning headshots – something we encourage clients to consider.

Once the photos are taken and edited, customers get access to all the photos from the day. Plus discounts on prints or digital copies so they can share them on social media or print them out. Our goal is satisfaction through quality photos that reflect you positively!


St Louis Video Resumes!

We also create and produce video resumes to help you get noticed with maximum effect. Stand out from the crowd in the also ran world of paper resumes. Video resumes help portray your warmth and personality, so important in today’s competitive world.

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