What To Wear

Helping You Look Your Very Best!

Bold patterns will be amplified and distract from you. So, do not bring crazy bold patterns for shoot day.  If you are going to wear a polo-style shirt, no logos or writing should be on them unless of course you want them to represent you or your company.  Polo-style shirts can naturally have a small logo, but it’s better not to have one.


Be aware of the color choices. I won’t say no to anything as far as color goes because some people look great in colors of very bright or unusual tones, but ask yourself one question before you prep your clothing… Does it distract from my face? When you are walking down the street it’s one thing. When you are on camera it’s another. Be aware of the tones. Stay away from overly bright shades. Red can be fine in one shade and disastrous in another. Look in the mirror! Look at what happens to the light around your neck and face. If you get a lot of distortion… don’t wear it.

Bring at least 3 changes of clothing, you will prefer having the options.  I am of the school of thought that it is better to bring “too much” than too little.

Cameras will pick up wrinkles. So, make sure that you are dressing with as much care as you would if you were meeting face to face with the most important person in your career!


After all, the whole point of headshots is to promote!

Don’t bring any clothing that you know feels weird or sits weird. Chances are it will, at the very least, make you feel weird and that uncomfortable feeling will show up on camera.

Mike Haller



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