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Headshot-time? Don’t fret! We’ve got you. Learn how to choose the perfect look for a professional headshot – look flawless! Our tips will make you feel confident and ready for success. Get dressed for success with us!

  • Choose the right clothing for your headshot.
  • Choose the right hairstyle for your headshot.
  • Choose the right makeup for your headshot.
  • Choose the right accessories for your headshot.
  • Choose the right background for your headshot.


Headshots are great for giving potential employers, colleagues, and the public a first impression of you. When applying for jobs or attending acting auditions, it’s important to dress appropriately. This will make you feel confident, and make your headshot look more professional. It also shows potential contacts that you care about your appearance. Men and women have similar guidelines for headshot outfits, but there are some differences.

Here are tips on how to pick the best clothing for professional photo shoots:

Choosing the Right Outfit

Your headshot is key for your professional profile, so you’ll wanna look put-together and chic. Here’s some advice to help you pick the right outfit:

  • Opt for solid colors that flatter your complexion. Darker colors are better as they can hide wrinkles and other details. Avoid patterns such as stripes or checks – these can look distorted on camera. Wide-angle lenses can make clothing appear tighter, so go for loose-fitting structures.
  • Choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily and can be packed without creasing.
  • Ensure your clothing is flattering – not too tight or too loose. Avoid text or logos that aren’t related to your professional brand.
  • Less is more when it comes to jewelry and accessories – stick to classic looks and subtle shades. All visible jewelry, glasses and hair accessories should coordinate in terms of style and color.

With these tips, you’ll have a perfect professional headshot!

Hair and Makeup Considerations

A great headshot can make or break your online presence. Hair, makeup and wardrobe are all important elements to consider. You may also want to minimize or accentuate certain features.

For hair, choose a polished look that frames the face. Women can go for flowy waves, while men can opt for a relaxed style. Avoid textured styles, and if you have bangs, use hairspray to keep them in place.

When it comes to makeup, think about which features you want to emphasize. If you love your eyes, use eye-catching eyeshadow shades. If you want a flawless complexion, choose foundation that matches your skin tone. Remember, less is usually more when it comes to makeup.

Keep these tips in mind when getting ready for your headshots. Take test shots and plan carefully. With thoughtful styling, you’ll make an impressionable first impression with an amazing headshot!

Tips for Men


Men should wear a collared shirt in a neutral color. Blues, greys or blacks are the most common. But you can also go for beiges or browns. Don’t wear contrasting shirts such as stripes. Loud patterns, graphics, logos or words are a no-no.

If you prefer to wear a jacket or blazer, go for solid dark colors. Avoid bright prints and patterned fabrics.

Keep jewelry simple. Don’t wear large necklaces, hoop earrings or other distracting pieces. Hair should look neat. If you don’t have time for a haircut, bring a comb or brush. That way, small adjustments can be made on site if necessary.

Tips for Women

For a great headshot, look professional and together. As a woman, here are some tips for the perfect outfit:

  • Choose one solid color or a small pattern. Large prints or patterns can be distracting. Photos with flash can make patterns look like two colors.
  • Pick colors that look good in photos with flash. Richer and brighter tones work best and bring out pink undertones in skin.
  • Show texture with wool or other fabric, but not too much shine. Sheen reflects light back onto your face.
  • Opt for comfortable classics. A fitted blazer looks classic and professional. Avoid strapless dresses or tops as they make shoulders and arms look large.
  • Avoid hoop earrings, distraction necklaces and/or chunky bracelets. They will draw away from your face. A nice watch is a good accessory. Jewelry can be taken off if needed.


Getting ready for a headshot? Choosing the right photographer and location are essential, but deciding what to wear is just as important! Consider what look you’re trying to achieve and how accessories can help add color, texture, and personality.

Jewelry is always a great option – keep it simple with small, dainty pieces. A hat or scarf can add dimension and style. Solid hats in neutral colors with the brim slightly tilted down look great. For scarves, opt for boldly patterned pieces or textured ribbons, laces, and light fabrics in neutral tones. Ties, belts and suspenders can add pops of color. Brooches at the neckline of blouses and dresses can also tie together an outfit.

When accessorizing, remember less is more. Simple, classy pieces always fare better than gaudy or excessive ones.

Color and Pattern

When choosing an outfit for a headshot, there are certain elements to think about. Color and pattern are two of the major factors that can affect the final result.

For color, vibrant choices like red and cobalt blue can draw the eye. However, too bright of a hue can be distracting and have an unfavorable effect. Stick with muted or medium tones such as browns, grays and navy blues. These will give a more subtle look, and a professional feel.

When it comes to patterns, keep it simple. Intricate designs or striking prints will dominate the photo, making it difficult for your face to be the focus. Try herringbone, tweed or houndstooth for subtle texture. Solids are a great choice when posed against a background, as they let your face remain the main attraction.

Final Checklist

Before your professional headshot session, remember to get prepped. This includes selecting the right clothing, and making sure everything else looks neat. Here’s a checklist:

  • Clothing – Bring multiple outfits. Opt for conservative colors like black, gray, or navy. Make sure the fit is correct, and there’s no wrinkles! Shoes aren’t pictured, so don’t focus on them.
  • Hair & Makeup – Hair should be clean and styled. Go for neutral makeup colors like beige or light brown. Use powder and bronzer for contour.
  • Accessories – Try adding a subtle accessory. Stick to jewelry or a scarf in complimentary colors. Avoid anything that could distract from your face.

Finally, relax before the shoot. Stretch out every hour prior to the shoot. This will help you feel comfortable on camera.


When you’re choosing the colors for your business headshot, you want to make sure that you are wearing colors that flatter you. If you go for a very bold outfit and your skin tone doesn’t match the color, you could end up looking washed out and unhealthy. If you’re unsure what colors to wear, what you can do is go to your favorite clothing store and pick out three items that you like a lot. You can then take a picture of each item and use an online color wheel to see which color compliments you best. You don’t necessarily have to go for just one color in your outfit; you can mix and match different pieces to create a unique look.

Be aware of the color choices. I won’t say no to anything as far as color goes because some people look great in colors of very bright or unusual tones, but ask yourself one question before you prep your clothing… Does it distract from my face? When you are walking down the street it’s one thing. When you are on camera it’s another. Be aware of the tones. Stay away from overly bright shades. Red can be fine in one shade and disastrous in another. Look in the mirror! Look at what happens to the light around your neck and face. If you get a lot of distortion… don’t wear it.

Bring at least 3 changes of clothing, you will prefer having the options.  I am of the school of thought that it is better to bring “too much” than too little.

Cameras will pick up wrinkles. So, make sure that you are dressing with as much care as you would if you were meeting face to face with the most important person in your career!

After all, the whole point of headshots is to promote!

Don’t bring any clothing that you know feels weird or sits weird. Chances are it will, at the very least, make you feel weird and that uncomfortable feeling will show up on camera.

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