Our Studio

For headshots in our studio, clients can enjoy the relaxed setting in our spacious professional location in south county, St. Louis.

For studio work, clients can enjoy the relaxed setting in the privacy or our studio located in South County, St. Louis.  There we have the flexibility to photograph within a full service indoor facility, or take advantage of the beautiful gardens and landscapes outdoors.


We also have a full greenscreen cyclorama wall to enable complete background changes as needed.  We can even create unique backgrounds that may or may not relate to your business, yet add to your individuality.



For a recent project with Amy Baue, a St. Louis Professional Speaker, mulitiple locations with different backdrops were requested, so the best economical solution was to bring the backdrops to her.  Using the greenscreen in the Haller Concepts Studio, both still images and video were able to manipulated to simulate the various locations.


St Louis Headshots for local and national talent

Here is the a portion of the cast and crew members of the ANN for a publicity photograph as the St. Louis Video Team calls it a wrap on DVD Volume Five.

St. Louis Video Studio Cast and Crew for the Abolition News Network
St. Louis Video Studio Cast and Crew for the Abolition News Network
St Louis Photographers Bedding Commercial

Our spacious studio offers a relaxed atmosphere. We take the time to understand what you want and make sure you enjoy your experience. Plus, our staff are friendly professionals who go the extra mile.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and lighting choices allow us to produce great shots, even in challenging conditions. Plus, we can easily accommodate large groups without compromising on quality or atmosphere. So, whether it’s a family portrait or corporate headshots – we got you!

At our studio, we strive for excellence. We create extraordinary portraiture and updated profile pics with vibrant colors and beautiful details that last.

The Benefits of a Studio Location

A professional studio space for headshots offers so many advantages! It provides a steady, controlled environment with access to great lighting. Plus, the studio is designed to make clients feel comfortable.

The studio also has a variety of backdrops and backgrounds. This allows us to adjust our setup according to each client’s needs. A closed off environment keeps the session private.

Finally, a professional photography studio is equipped with all the necessary materials and technology for superior quality photos. Our relaxed atmosphere gives clients time to capture their unique character and personality!

Mike Haller



4501 Mattis Road St. Louis, MO 63128