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Your time is valuable, we know that.  Let us come to you.  We can setup our mobile studio in your offices.

Our approach to executive portrait photography is a little different from most, as we prefer to work in comfortable surroundings that make the executive look relaxed and approachable, without diminishing from their executive role in business, as our various samples shown will illustrate.

Update your key executive portraits. CEO and Top Management. Board of Directors.


On-site Portrait Photography of employees and working groups. We can provide backdrops or enhance real-life environemnts. We are experts at making workplace portraits that convey pride in work.


We can photograph you at your location in your natural environment or we can bring any type of backdrop with us to shoot your business portrait.  That goes for team portraits as well!

Team Business Portrait

Political Video – St. Louis Video Crews – Mike Haller
A few minutes with Phyllis Schlafly.
St. Louis Video Crews – Full service video and post production.
Mike Haller 314-892-1233 or 314-913-5626

St. Louis location scouting and managing – Political Commercial – Russ Carnahan

St. Louis film location manager, location scout, Missouri film production

Dr Rachel Feinberg Injury Specialists



Mike Haller


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