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Having a high-end headshot when applying for a medical residency program is vital to being accepted.  We get many requests for these types of photos and so decided to create a webpage devoted solely to Medical portrait work.

Employers will see your headshot when hiring and patients will review your headshot before making an appointment.

Healthcare portraits are photos made of staff members, usually head and shoulders but sometimes half-body or three-quarter-body shots, generally made for company websites, internal newsletters, trade publications, public relations, marketing and sometimes advertising.


We have invested in the absolute top equipment available in the photography industry which delivers materially improved final results for our clients. we are able to provide our customers the highest dynamic range, detail, and file quality when compared to traditional 35mm cameras. Our highly specialized equipment ensures we can achieve unsurpassed results and clients who are thrilled with our work.

My photography is often, but not always, created on location so I bring my studio strobes and backdrops to your place of business. This way I can be on your employee’s schedule instead of the other way around. There is no need for your co-workers to make a special trip to our studio unless needed.  We can certainly shoot individuals or groups at our studio as well.  But normally for more than one person, it is all done at your location usually in a conference room or like space.

You can choose to go with a neutral backdrop like white or gray or you can use your go with a natural environment look with business or nature in the background. My commercial headshots take about 10 to 15 minutes for each person that is to be photographed. Set-up of the photo studio lights generally takes about an hour and tear down about half that.

Contact us to get in touch and set up a photo shoot.  Medical shots are typically done against a studio backdrop with professional lighting and a strong focus on expression. The goal of our headshot is to ensure your expression shows confidence, approachability, and intelligence.


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