St. Louis Headshots | A Good First Impression When Networking

The More People You Know the Further You Will Go! Business people in today’s world have to network and build their communities.  Business portraits or headshots are designed to help you network and leave a memorable first impression. They allow people to feel they know you before they meet you.

The most important thing in a headshot is that it reveals the real you. It has to say something about your unique qualities. We tell our customers to think about the headshot session as a conversation with friends. We want to show you being YOU naturally. Your headshot should look like you are telling a friend a happy or exciting story. Your legit or dramatic headshot should look like you are engaged in a more intense or serious conversation. We make that happen by creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can comfortably express yourself.

St Louis Headshots Make a good first impression when networking.
St Louis Headshots make a good first impression when networking.

We have been called one of the best headshot photographers in the Midwest has to offer.  We constantly work and strive to make that statement a fact.  Our mission is to create the absolute best headshots and that means a headshot that really says something about you!

How do we do this? Well to start with, let’s talk about the look. we can create a variety of different headshot styles for you: we can do indoor headshots using studio lighting, with a white, black or neutral background. With studio lighting we can create different moods from dramatic and artistic with lots of shadows, to bright and sunny with even light. I also shoot outdoors, using natural light with an almost unlimited variety of backgrounds and settings. Give us a call to talk further about your new headshot.

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