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In this day and age, we have this digital identity. It’s like your calling card. t puts a face with a name. Companies and personal brands are starting to get that. Anybody that is entrepreneurial needs a headshot, even if it’s just going to sit on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn profiles without headshots look ridiculous.

You should consider a new headshot session every year—or for any major changes—and have different shots you can use for different things. I grew my hair long, then I grew a beard, then I shaved my head and then I shaved my beard. It’s nice to update the headshot for the look you currently have. If you don’t change your look, you can probably get a couple years out of them.

Employee and Family Group shots in our studio or at your location of choice.

When somebody changes their profile picture on a social media platform, it gets the most likes out of anything they posted that year. The people following you on these platforms want to see you. They’re looking for you.

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