Guidelines for Appropriate Attire for your Professional Headshot.

Outfit Planning for a Headshot Session Photoshoot

Here are Professional Photographer Tips to get Ready for your Company Headshots Photo shoot:

Wear clothing that is professional and appropriate for your brand.

Choose a wardrobe with colors that complement your skin tone.

Make sure your hair is freshly styled and your makeup is perfect.

Wear minimal jewelry and accessories.

Wear solid colors and avoid bold patterns.

Make sure your outfit is wrinkle-free.

Bring a few different sets of clothing to get a variety of looks.

Bring a few props that can be used to add another dimension to your headshot.

Choose a location that is appropriate for your brand.  

Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before your session.

Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to express your personality.

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Outfits for Photoshoots

Ensuring Garments Fit Appropriately

Prior to your headshot photo session, please try on any clothing you plan to wear. I have often observed that the fit is (too small or too large), resulting in wrinkles that must be clamped. Avoid unsightly popped buttons! For the gentlemen, please make sure you are familiar with tying your tie in an aesthetically pleasing triangle before arriving.

When it comes to a photoshoot, what you wear is fundamental, but so is knowing what not to wear. Your attire will affect your personal brand, so make sure your clothing fits correctly before the session. Oversized or undersized garments (including buttons popping) won’t convey the right message.

Iron your Garments

Send your photo shoot outfits to the cleaners, or else use an iron. Digital cameras that are of professional caliber are able to pick up even the smallest details – the lenses are incredibly precise, so it’s best for you to avoid a crumpled appearance. Men, make sure to press your collars and ensure that the button at the neck is done up.

Have Clothes Hanging Ready

Bringing garments on hangers is recommended to make it easier to put away after your move.

For certain shoots, I have encountered clients taking their wardrobe out of their purse, having it all scrunched up. This is not recommended as it can result in a photograph with wrinkled clothing! It’s important to remember that your portraits are an investment and having neat, wrinkle-free garments for your headshots will make you look your best!

Cut Out Lint

It is essential to pay attention to lint or pet fur prior to your headshot session. Dark clothing should be a particular focus, as lint can be very visible. To ensure the best results, be sure to remove any lint or pet fur and cover clothing with a garment bag before arriving. Additionally, it is important to be aware of any “pilling” on older clothing, as modern digital cameras and professional lighting can emphasize such spots and negatively affect the images.

When preparing for a corporate headshot, ensure that your attire is pressed and lint-free. Business casual is a popular choice but for a small business portrait, small details can make a big difference. A splash of red color can be the eye-catching addition you need to stand out in the competitive online market. It is also important to learn how to properly tie a tie as this can give your image an elevated, professional look. When it comes to clothing for photoshoots, crisp, clean lines and well-pressed attire are key to make sure your photographic investment pays off.

Deciding Whether To Wear Neckwear For Men

The query of whether it is suitable for men to don a tie or not has been asked for many years. The decision of whether to put on a necktie or go without is something that men must consider.

Casual business attire is quite fashionable these days, but the type of business you are in should be taken into consideration. While it may not be suitable for the tech industry, attorneys and bankers should still wear a tie when representing their clients in court. Therefore, I suggest bringing a few different ties in case you want to get photographed for your headshot with and without one. Generally, my customers opt for the tie look as it looks more complete in a small LinkedIn profile image or your website. Make sure to have a red tie available as it will draw attention in a small headshot photo on LinkedIn.

Deciding what to wear for your business headshot

The apparel you select can either make or demolish the representation of your personal image.

For a successful business headshot, it is recommended that darker apparel be chosen as it is slimming. On the other hand, if lighter colors are preferred, they may add the illusion of bulk. What is the most suitable outfit for a professional portrait? Solid hues, especially bright ones, are always captivating. Additionally, a white shirt or blouse can bring out the eyes and teeth. Lastly, if structured shoulders are desired, they can create a neat appearance.

Colors – Dark Garments Create a Slimmer Appearance

The colors you wear should be in harmony with your skin tone. Choose bright, solid hues such as red, royal blue, teal, turquoise, black and navy. White is a great option for a shell or blouse, but it can make your frame look heavier when worn as a jacket or pants. Black is the most flattering. It is recommended to go for a jacket that has a button or closure as it helps form a “V” shape, thus making your figure appear slimmer. For rounder faces, wearing a “V” neck can elongate the neck area and give you a more slender look. Unless you look like Michelle Obama, it is usually better for women to cover their arms.

Wear Apparel with Shoulder Structure

When taking a business headshot, a crisp corporate look is the most professional option. It is best to choose fitted clothing over baggy, however it should not be too tight. This will create the most flattering look in the photo.

The Popularity of White Color Clothing – White Shirts, Blouses and Shells

When you pick an outfit for corporate events, a white shirt (or a white shell for women) will make you look even more cheerful and bring out the whites of your eyes. Additionally, bright colors like red can look great against a dark suit (shell for women, tie for men). Just be aware that sheer fabric may be transparent under studio lights, so you should keep your lingerie in mind when selecting a blouse.

Utilize Apparel with Solid Hues – Professional Headshot Advice – What to wear and what to AVOID wearing

Here are some professional tips for what to wear when getting headshots done: It is best to stick to solid colors since patterns could detract from the face. Logos should also be avoided. Because the focus should be on the eyes in a small headshot, it’s best to keep it simple. Knits, plaids and stripes should also be avoided as they can create a weird effect in digital cameras (a moire pattern which cannot be removed). Consider the background color choice before your photoshoot and coordinate your clothing accordingly. If you are matching your brand colors, a red tie, often satin or shiny, can make a nice addition to the headshot. For more casual businesses, a business shirt or golf shirt can be nice if it is well-pressed. Darker shirts are recommended for men if they are not wearing a jacket and turtlenecks can look particularly good in a headshot. T-shirts, casual sports clothes and jeans with holes should be avoided unless they are being used to make a style statement or for online dating.

When taking digital photos, it is important to keep in mind that highly textured fabrics, plaids, and tightly woven stripes can create moire patterns that cannot be removed with editing. To ensure a successful headshot, you should wear solid colors with a smooth texture. Ties with tight patterns can also cause moire patterns. When selecting an outfit for a business portrait, it is important to stay away from small patterns and opt for clothing with solid colors, as these are the safest bet to avoid moire patterns. It is also important to remember that solid fabrics with a texture can cause moire patterns, so smooth fabrics are the best option. Bringing a few jackets to your photoshoot is a wise choice.

Your Hair Style

One of the most noticeable features of a person is their hair; it frames the face and is often the first thing that people notice when they meet. Hair is also a great way to express personality and style, and can be a reflection of one’s identity. It can be cut, curled, straightened, colored, and styled in many different ways to show off a person’s individual style. Hair is also an important part of health, and a balanced diet, regular brushing and trimming, and proper styling can keep it looking its best.

It is essential to have appropriate hair for professional headshots. Therefore, please make sure to bring a comb or brush, or better yet, visit a hair stylist before the shoot. We can offer advice for makeup and hair stylists if needed. The hair should reflect one’s personality.

When scheduling a business headshot session late in the afternoon, be mindful of the presence of 5 o’clock shadow. Make sure to shave carefully in order to avoid any cuts or patches that might be difficult to edit in post-production. Additionally, be sure to trim your mustache to prevent hairs from curling into your mouth. Furthermore, consider tidying up your eyebrows as well.

Headshots and Haircuts – A Helpful Suggestion: We suggest that you schedule a haircut a few days in advance of your professional photo session. We have observed that hair that is too short may not lay properly, causing it to stick up. Be sure to plan ahead.

Applying Makeup and Doing Nails

For a professional photoshoot, a makeup artist can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to the perfect skin and eyes. False lashes are also a great way to enhance the look. Before the shoot, it’s important to apply your own makeup, making sure to use darker tones than normal, as lighting can often make the subject appear washed out. Additionally, powder should be applied to reduce shine, and lipstick and lipgloss should be used to emphasize one’s smile. Lipstick should be darker than one’s skin tone and eyeliner should be heavier on the outer “V” of the eyes, as using too much eyeliner can make eyes look smaller. Lastly, extra makeup for touch-ups should be brought along, including eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, and makeup base to cover any blemishes.

Manicure: For a versatile look, it is suggested to opt for a French manicure or a neutral tone for your nails. This will ensure that your nails will go with whatever you wear, particularly when you have your arms crossed.

Outfits for Photoshoots – Gearing Up for an Impressive Look!

What to Wear & Bring to Your Professional Picture Session**

When selecting clothing for your professional headshot, make sure that it accurately displays your personality type and personal brand. The items you choose should be reflective of the industry you’re in, and they should be comfortable enough to make you feel confident. It’s not necessary to wear designer clothing, but avoid pieces with distracting patterns or jewelry. Your outfit should make you feel powerful and successful in order to project the right image during your headshot session.

Ideas to Consider When Planning a Professional Headshot or Corporate Portrait Session

Tips for the Women

Women should be reminded of certain things in order to stay healthy and happy. Here are a few pointers that can help them out:

• Take time for yourself each day and make sure to prioritize your own wellness.

• Remember to nourish your body with healthy and balanced meals.

• Make sure to get enough rest and sleep so you can remain energized and productive.

• Don’t forget to reach out for help and support when needed.

• Always practice self-care and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

Bring Your Makeup – Make sure to come ready with your makeup already on, considering there is not going to be enough time to do it during the photo session. Don’t forget to bring extra makeup for any last minute touch ups.

Lipstick – shades a few tones darker than your skin tone are suggested.

Lip gloss creates a multi-dimensional effect when illuminated by studio lights on your lips

Eyeliner (puts emphasis on the whites of your eyes)

Foundation of makeup powder Vital – to eliminate the luster created by photo studio lighting.

Jewelry – Make sure to bring multiple pieces of jewelry in order to have options. Going for something small and uncomplicated is usually the way to go. Additionally, make sure to pay attention to the length of the necklace so that it does not clash with the neckline of the outfit (shorter or longer).

Reminders for the Men

Ties – Steer clear of loud designs and small, close patterns for the tie. Opt for a bright red tie made of glossy satin for a great look! (Tying the tie before the photo session can help save time.)

Tops – Opting for shirts in solid colors and white is a good choice.

A Spare Outfit – For a contingency plan to accommodate any additional patterning.

Watches – make sure to decide beforehand if you want to wear a watch in your photo. Give it a clean, as the shine will show up any dust. If your arms are folded, the watch will be sure to be in the picture.

Suggestions for Both Genders

It is important to remember that both men and women can benefit from taking certain measures to ensure their well-being.

For taming your mane, a hairbrush is essential; you may also want to add in some hair clips and a spritz of hair spray.

Lint Brush: Prior to attending, lint should be removed from garments and the clothing should be brought in a bag on hangers.

A selection of outfits on hangers, neatly pressed and lint-free (in a few solid colors – steer clear of knits. Consider colors that will go well with the background hues)

Glasses – It is best to not wear transition glasses, as the studio lighting between indoor and outdoor shoots can cause them to darken. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your glasses are free of any smudges or dust, as our sharp camera lenses will make them more visible, taking away from the focus on your eyes.

In preparation for a business headshot session, one must remember to clean their glasses.

Your attire for a corporate headshot should be something that makes you feel at ease. You don’t have to go for a formal look – something that suits your personality and fits well, especially on the shoulders, is usually the best bet for a professional photograph. Expensive designer clothing isn’t a requirement, but it is important to make sure that the clothes you wear are lint-free, neatly pressed and fit you well. That is the key to ensuring you have a stunning headshot!

As a pro headshot photographer, My best advice s simply relax and come see me.  Headshots are a great tool to help you advance your future.  We make it fun.  Give me a call 314-913-5626 or email me